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The Ultralight staging system is versartile and easy to use.  The expanding aluminium base and lightweight staging platform are designed to be quickly and easily assembled by one person.  The tubular base opens and closes in seconds and the location of platforms is quick and simple.  Although the individual componants are extremely lightweight, together they form an incredibly strong staging unit, which supports a uniformly distributed load of 1000kg per square metre.  Base units fold to less than2% of their open size and stage platforms have a depth of only 30mm making them easy to transport and store.

The decks and risers come in a range of heights and finishes and there is a range of accessories including a stage valance, side and back rails and a trolley.  We have assembled some of the most popular configurations into handy packs or you can contact us for a bespoke staging systems quote.

Gopak 069.jpg

Take your folded stage riser


Gopak 072-cut.jpg

Fully extend the stage riser


Gopak 073- cut.jpg


Place the stage deck on top of the riser, connecting each corner of the stage deck with the upright corner bolts on the riser.

Gopak 077.jpg


Once the corner sections have been connected, tighten with the Allen Key through the small hole in each corner of the stage deck. Alternatively twist the stage riser tube.


Gopak 063-cut.jpg

Having joined your stage decks and risers together, connect each platform by tightening the locking cleats located on the leading edge of each stage deck.


Picture 409-cut.jpg

If required, you can join two risers together for additional height and they will still fold down without having to be disconnected.

Gopak 076.jpg

The stage decks and risers take up minimal space, making this system the ideal choice for those with limited storage.


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