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The storage of caustic materials needs to be controlled: these cabinets will allow for the safe storage of acids and alkalis in a range of highly visible cabinets. They come in White and have a durable epoxy polyester surface coating which is resistant to most acids and alkalis.  They have a robust, durable construction and a removeable 75mm sealed sump base tray.  All units have High visibility 270 degree labelling complying to BS5609.

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Standard Acid Cabinet 3 shelves.jpg

• Single door cupboards come with a cam lock and 2 keys

• Double door cupboards have a 2 point locking system with a cam lock and 2 keys

• Small cabinet is supplied with 2 adjustable shelves

• Low cabinet is supplied with 1 adjustable shelf

• Standard cabinet is supplied with 3 adjustable shelves

• 8 Compartment cabinet is supplied with 6 adjustable shelves

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