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This versatile balance set for creating outdoor balance trails is supplied with age suitable components to create a baby trail, toddler trail and preschool trail (for simultaneous use).

DR078_A_Main Baby Trail (4).jpg
balance set.jpg

Set contains 19 pieces:

Long Planks    -   Qty 4    -   1200W x 145D x 32H
Short Planks   -   Qty 6    -   600W x 145D x 32H
Square Blocks   -  Qty 5    -   290W x 290D x 139H
Rectangular Blocks   -  Qty 2  -  290W x 145D x 139H
Narrow Long Plank   -  Qty 1  -  1200W x 100D x 32H
Narrow Short Plank  -   Qty 1  -  600W x 100D x 32H


• Specially treated timber for outdoor use
• No visible fixings for smooth play surfaces
• Pocket screw holes on underside for durability
• Rounded corners for enhanced safety
• Outside fixings hidden for smooth finish
• Surfaces sanded smooth to ensure no splinters

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