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Plastic Number Plate
These will be supplied in numerical order for the number of doors ordered. However if you require a specific number sequence please specify at time of order.

Nesting Bolts
Supplied in a pack of 100, these can be used to nest your lockers together in a longer run for stability.

Intregral Sloping tops
The optional sloping top prevents the accumulation of rubbish and is available on all standard 1780mm High lockers adding an additional height of 150mm.

Combination Lock
An effective 4 digit code combination lock with up to 10,000 possible combinations. These locks are re-programmable and a master override key is sold seperately.

Combination Lock Master Key
This key is used to override and re-programme the combination lock.

Sloping & Flat top Grad sh.jpg
Probe number plate.jpg
Lion keys1.jpg
6 Door x3 Lemon BLK Lockers.jpg
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