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This Ultralight package is 630mm high and covers 18M².  Choose from carpetted, vinyl or heavy duty vinyl decks.

The package includes:

9 x Stage decks 2M x 1M

9 x Stage deck risers 2M x 1M (600mm high)

2 x Stage decks 1M x 0.52M

1 x Stage deck riser 1M x 0.52M (400mm high)

1 x Stage deck riser 1M x 0.52M (200mm high)

4 x Riser clamps

Ultralight Secondary.jpg
staging pack D.jpg
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Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 09.55.55.png

•  Tested to 1000kg per metre squared even load

•  Point load testing to 180kg

•  All packages are supplied with a 5mm Allen key required for assembly

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