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These double-sided Easels come as a 2 station option (1 child each side) or 4 station option (2 children each side) and have a Maple melamine construction and space for pen pots on both sides. Choose from Whiteboard both sides with an easy to use paper clip to secure paper, or a 2 in 1 Board unit with a Whiteboard one side and smooth Chalkboard the other, both with an easy to use paper clip to secure paper.

PT1064-Millhouse-Early-Years-Furniture-Double-Sided-2-in-1-Easel-White-Board-Side-(4 Child

• 2 Station Unit Includes 8 clear paint pots

• 4 Station Unit Includes 16 clear paint pots
• Space for storage in centre of unit

• Delivered fully assembled

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