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This revolutionary folding mud kitchen provides a great platform for free play and exploration and will stand the rigours of constant use.
Whether indoors or out, the mud kitchen will promote imaginativeplay, children can enjoy the delights of squishing with mud,
making mud pies, concocting recipes and generally having lots of fun. Not only does playing with mud lift the mood, but the germs found in mud can strengthen a child’s immune system and prevent the development of allergies and asthma.

The folding Mud Kitchen offers far more flexibility than traditional designs. The composite top is ultra-tough and with an inbuilt UV colour fix, can be left outside all year round and can be packed flat in seconds, making it the ideal choice when space is at a premium.

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• For home, school, or nursery use

• Ideal For children aged 2 to 10

• Imaginative play

• Messy play

• Mud pies

• Potion making

• Cooking & play food preparation

• Outdoor mathematics

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