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Designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort, the Postura Plus chair is proven to be durable, comfortable and offer excellent value for money.  Made in the UK from high impact resistant polypropylene, their gas injected legs increase strength and reduce weight.  They are strong, light, stain resistant, antistatic and easy to clean.  Safe vertical stacking up to 12 high.

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•  Single piece injection moulded polypropylene
•  Perfect ergonomics with waterfall seat edge
•  6 sizes suitable for ages 3-18+
•  Safe vertical stacking up to 12 high
•  Made in the UK, 100% Recyclable
•  20 year warranty
•  Trolley moves 12 chairs with ease
•  Custom colours available on 100+ units

•  Delivery surcharge may apply

•  Pairs perfectly with the NEW Study Desks

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• Seat pads available in Advantage, Era, Citadel, Phoenix and Rivet fabrics as shown here

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